architectural planters and plantscaping

Architectural Planters and "Plantscaping"

Planters for quality interiors and exteriors!

Designer decor enhanced by our quality planters

Enhance your immediate environment with our designer planters and Planter systems.

Green walls - Made simple and easy.

Create living walls, with a proven system that is so straight forward and basic so as to make it usable by all - removing the sophistications for you!

Plants are unquestionable of great value in contributing to the pleasantness of our working and living environments.

Landscaping of interiors and the spaces that connect them and us to the outdoors is like art.

Not only do the living features of plant life impart atmosphere and presence, but the planters themselves broaden the palette of the interior-scaping 'Artist'.

- And Green or Living walls add a further dimension to the artist's creativity and expression.

Why Plants? The psychological and emotional value of plants in our working and living environment cannot be underestimated. Not only do they provide purification of our air, but they impart a sense of life - a link to nature.

Employees and customers alike appreciate beautiful healthy living plants - which give proven benefits in health, productivity and job satisfaction. Tests by N.A.S.A have shown that by absorbing carbon-dioxide and generating oxygen, plants provide a living 'air-cleaning' system.

Plantscaping can be used to create leafy avenues to channel visitor traffic or make reception areas more welcoming - whilst plant screens and feature displays can be sued to form pleasant meeting areas and divide open-plan offices, allowing for greater privacy and reduced ambient voice.

Conference rooms and showrooms can be given added prestige, corridors transformed and 'awkward' areas given a new lease of life.

plant portraits on view

Plant Portraits on View

Plant portraits - 'MINI' green walls that can make such a statement in plants, brighten up a dull stretch of wall or give 'green' impact to a courtyard area without the hassle of a complete green wall system!

Our 'LIVING WALLS' are not complex or involved but use standard grow pots with a simple watering system. The watering system can be expanded to include pumped circulation and even aquaculture if desired.

stainless steel planters

Stainless Steel Planters

We also supply a range of Stainless Steel Planters - Wedge / Cone / Cylinder and Square types. They can be a stunning addition to any commercial environment.

In addition to plants - there are other ways to enhance our immediate interior environment and atmosphere - UV sterilisation. Ideally in air-conditioning systems - but where this is not practical - separate units are available.

Breathing Clean Air?


AETAIRE UV Air Disinfection Unit

For a better air quality
Suitable for all spaces up to 100m3
Purifies the air from viruses, bacteria and moulds
Ensures a better air quality and a pleasant feeling
Protects againts diseases and allergies
Strengthens the human stamina
Refreshes dull air in enclosed spaces
Disinfects up to 90% in an efficient and healthy way
For a better and healthy life
For a better air quality

This unit is effective against airbourne
  • Moulds
  • Viruses
  • House-dust mites
  • Dust and particulates
  • Pollen
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Harmful gases
  • Odors
aetaire uv air disinfection unit
architectural planters and plantscaping