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LED Illumination

Great landscapes and waterscapes only live to half their potential if not provided with Illumination to make them live in the twilight, dusk and evening.

Latest technology LEDs give similar output to traditional Quartz-Halogen lights and have a life of over 5 years without maintenance or need to service or change the globes

Reliability: will keep soldering on for over 45.000 hours (5 years).

Low maintenance: not even a globe to change in 5 years

Robust: marine grade stainless steel construction.

Environmentally friendly: Very low power consumption means low carbon use, smaller transformers and high efficiency. Never feel guilty about operating your lighting system again knowing that you are utilizing maximum efficiencies.

These brochures provide a basic overview of the products and concepts available.
Skylight Line Brochure
Effective and efficient LED Illumination for the landscape and waterscape. Compact Stainless Steel lights in Quartz Halogen and LED.
Light & Water Technology Brochure
Great ways of combining light and water including lineal LEDs, LED bubblers and misters.
Light & Technology Brochure
Commercial Fountains
Great range of submersible lights developed specifically for commercial fountains.
Light & Technology Brochure
Seerose Brochure
Quality lights in GRP and Bronze. The premium range in quality and function.
halogen / led lights halogen / led lights halogen / led lights halogen / led lights

With the new ranges of lighting you are in a position to illuminate the garden and water features individually and according to your needs. You can choose between halogen and LED lights, can define cable lengths yourself and combine the most diverse light units. A light sensor or remote control lets the lights shine at the push of a button or light incidence.

The extensive range includes halogen spotlights, POWER LED lights, recessed floor spotlights and underwater spotlights. Enables water feature lighting, indirect lighting, pond illumination and includes accessories for simple networking above and below water.

The new protected seliger IP 68 underwater connection makes installing the range of lights easier than ever. Using high-quality lighting fixtures opens up new possibilities for the illumination of ponds, fountains or other objects.

In order to adhere to demanding quality requirements of the most discerning customers, the skylight product range is all machined from marine grade Stainless Steel and comes with a 5 year warranty.

skylight product range skylight product range skylight product range

LED-Lights versatile options and straight forward connections for the tradesman - no mysterious wiring options - "PLUG AND PLAY" design and connections gets your landscape lighting installation functional and operational as quickly as possible.

LED with Plug and Play design LED with Plug and Play design LED with Plug and Play design


RGB Color change lights Niche Lights
RGB color change lights Niche lights


LED Strip lights Deck Lights
LED Strip Lights Deck Lights Deck Lights